Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC Motors

The electronically commutated maxon EC motors stand out with excellent torque characteristics, high power, an extremely wide speed range, and an outstandingly long life span.

Product programs

ECX SPEED program

Super-fast, configurable brushless DC motors. The brushless ECX series of motors has been optimized for high speeds (up to 120,000 rpm) and withstands up to 2000 autoclave cycles.

EC Program

Brushless DC motors with a very long service life. Ø 4 – 90 mm, 1.2 – 400 W. Good torque characteristics, high power, wide speed range and a long life span.

EC-max Program

A cost-effective Brushless DC motor program. Ø 16 – 40 mm, 5 – 120 W. Brushless design for long periods of operation with an excellent price/performance ratio.

EC-4pole Program

The most powerful brushless DC motors by maxon. Ø 22 – 32 mm, 90 – 480 W. 4-pole motors for maximum performance per unit of volume and weight guarantee a long service life.

EC flat Program

Brushless DC motors with flat design. Ø 9.2 – 90 mm, 0.2 – 260 W. Top performance, attractive prices. Flat motors are available with Hall sensors and integrated electronics.

EC frameless flat

Frameless motor kits offer high torque density and space-saving integration. It consist of only a rotor and stator – with no bearings or motorshaft. With outer diameters of only 43 to 90 mm, they are extremely compact.

EC-i program

The powerhouse. Brushless and cost-effective. Ø 30-52 mm, 30 - 180 W. When space is limited but high torques and dynamics are required, the maxon EC-i motor is the right choice for you.

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